Gear list

Here is my starting gear list! This is absolutely everything outside of food and water – I will be using this as my final checklist. Weights are rounded but are pretty accurate.

Item Notes about item Category Weight (lbs)
Pack ULA Circuit Gear 2.25
Thermarest Thermarest Ridgerest Solite (small) Sleep 0.5
Sleeping Bag Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 Regular Sleep 2.2
Tent MSR Hubba Sleep 3.2
Shoes Vasque Mindbender trailrunners Clothes 1.8
Socks 3 pair Smartwool (1 to wear, 2 backup) Clothes 0.6
Sock liners 3 pair (1 to wear, 2 backup) Clothes 0.2
Base layer pants Running tights, bought long ago at Galyan’s Clothes 0.4
Convertible pants REI brand Clothes 0.8
Base layer shirt Patagonia Capilene 3 Clothes 0.3
Tshirt Patagonia Capilene 1 or similar Clothes 0.3
Down jacket Marmot Zeus – insulation layer Clothes 0.9
Rain jacket North Face Venture Clothes 0.7
Rain pants Sierra Designs (bought long ago) Clothes 0.5
Warm hat, balaclava Generic brands Clothes 0.3
Bandana Useful item Clothes 0.1
Toilet paper Several days worth at a time Hygiene 0.15
Toothbrush and toothpaste Travel size of both Hygiene 0.1
Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bugspray, chapstick Hygiene 0.3
Water bladder MSR Dromlite 4L – will treat water in bladder Cooking 0.3
Spork Sea To Summit titanium Cooking 0.03
Stove Snow Peak Giga with Piezo (self-lighting) Cooking 0.25
Fuel canister Snow Peak – for stove Cooking 0.9
Matches In waterproof container – as backup and for campfires at shelters Cooking 0.03
Pot and cup Snow Peak titanium Mini solo Cooking 0.35
Soap For dishes and possibly me Cooking 0.15
Headlamp Black Diamond Gizmo Misc 0.1
Data book pages AWOL’s data book, pages sent as needed Misc 0.1
Compass/thermometer/whistle Coghlan’s 6 function whistle Misc 0.05
First Aid kit Bandaids, moleskin, neosporin, ibuprofen Misc 0.15
Aqua Mira water treatment Misc 0.2
Three watertight stuff sacks Sea to Summit 2L (x2) and 4L – mostly for food and clothes Misc 0.3
Pack towel MSR nano Misc 0.1
Pack cover Gregory Gear 0.3
Pocketknife Swiss Army Gear 0.1
Camelbak 2L I think Gear 0.4
Trekking poles Leki Makalu Gear 1.2
Rope – about 30 ft For bear bagging when not at shelters Gear 0.4
Harmonica Entertainment – Hohner in key of C Misc 0.2
Phone with protective case Misc 0.35
Phone equipment Charging cord, backup battery Misc 0.45
Rite in the Rain notebook, pencil Misc 0.2
License, health insurance card, etc Misc 0.1
Watch Misc 0.1

Some stats about my starting weights:

Calculated weights
Calculated baseweight 17.15 lbs
Calculated skin-out baseweight 20.9 lbs
Calculated skin-out baseweight with trekking poles 22.10 lbs
Empirically measured weights
Measured baseweight 17.2 lbs
Measured skin-out baseweight 21.2 lbs
Measured skin-out baseweight with trekking poles 22.40 lbs

I’ve stored Excel files with old gear lists here. This way you can track my progression as I added and subtracted gear in my pack. Note that these files were not complete lists of what was in my pack but did represent the vast majority of my gear at the time.

Gear list as of September 2011

Gear list as of March 2011

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