The one with two zeros

July 6 & 7

0 miles, 1587.6 overall (Friend’s house)
My double zeros go beautifully well thanks to the great hosts. I’m able to clean out my tent a bit, wash my cook kit, catch up on writing, mail some postcards, and most of all I get to rest.

On the first zero I am up at 6:00, long before anyone else except the dog. I find myself something to eat and sit down to watch TV. When everyone else gets up I cook breakfast for them – eggs and bacon! It’s nice to cook in a kitchen again. By 10:00 I am tired and end up falling asleep to the Wimbledon semi-finals for about 2 hours. Afterward I get some lunch and then Jeanette and takes me to Shelburne Falls to see the glacial potholes there. We spend some time window shopping and then do a little grocery shopping before ending up at home again where Jeremy is smoking a chicken for dinner and has gotten the pool in their back yard clean so I go for a swim. It is weird swimming with a beard. It feels like there’s seaweed all over my face. That night we watch Thor which I find entertaining but entirely lacking in dialogue. I’m surprised there are so many good actors/actresses in it. I don’t get to bed until 10.

The next zero is a bit more productive. I’m up early again but I don’t nap today. I spend the morning getting caught up on writing. By the way, using the internet instead of my phone app allows me to see all kinds of stats on the blog. I saw that I have recently had visits to the blog from Brazil, Venezuela, the UK, and several other countries, so hello to all of the international visitors! After writing I walk the dog and clean out the inside of my tent. Then resupply begins. I open the box Christy sent and inventory it before we head to the grocery store to pick up remaining items like bagels and tortillas. I also pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for the night – because I can. I organize everything, put it in the appropriate stuff sack for my backpack, and stage it for packing in the morning. After another swim I plan out the next few days of hiking while we watch some episodes of Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock. I also glue the treads on the bottom of my shoes. Christy is sending another pair ahead to me but I need to make this pair last almost another 100 miles before I’ll reach the new ones. In the meantime I’m going to call Vasque to try to get a replacement pair. I knew when I got these shoes that they wouldn’t last the entire trip but this pair only lasted about 200 miles before the treads started coming off. That’s a bit ridiculous. Finally we try to go see fireworks. The town scheduled them for the weekend instead of July 4th but they end up postponing them because of a chance of thunderstorms. It looks like this will be a firework-less year for me.

All in all it was a great visit. I ate well, got lots of rest, and in general recharged. I can’t thank Jeremy and Jeanette enough for hosting me. A few days ago I was really starting to feel worn out from all of the hiking without a break, but now my legs are fresh and I should be able to tackle Vermont without a problem! When they drop me off I will be only a few miles from the Vermont border, and a few miles after I cross the state border I will also reach the 1600 mile milestone on the Appalachian Trail!

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4 thoughts on “The one with two zeros

  1. laurasdad

    Hi from one of your UK regular readers; a prospective 2013 er. If you continue to enthuse me with your trials and tribulations and your stories generally I’ll be over there in March next year at Springer trying to emulate you and your achievements thus far.

    Keep up the good walk and I hope to read of your success at Katahdin in the next month or so.

  2. Graham Gray

    Hi there Travis,
    As another of your UK “fans” I continue to enjoy your posts and pics.
    Well done on having “just ” 600 miles to go..thats just a little more than
    road miles from London Heathrow to Aberdeen in NW Scotland.
    I hope ,once you complete this trek you will look back with a great sense of achievement.Well done….The West Highland Way will still be here for you though I would hope our weather may be more kind to you,due to the Jet stream taking a more southerly track this year,our summer has been wall to wall rain!
    Take care and happy hiking ..may the force be with you !!

    Graham & Tina

  3. Sounds like a wonderful recharging of energy. So nice you have friends along the trail with whom you can enjoy some relaxation. Happy Hiking!

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