My midpoint check-in

June 8

0 miles, 1176.2 overall (Home)
A few quick hitters to tide you over until my trail entries resume. First, an update on my weight. I have now lost 20 pounds. After not losing much weight for the first few weeks it now seems I’m losing about 5 pounds every 2-3 weeks. I think it began when I upped my mileage from low teens to around 20’s. Since I don’t see that changing anytime soon hopefully my body simply adapts to the exercise or else I can count on losing another 20 or so by the end. Not that that’s impossible or anything, it would put me back at the weight I was when I started college. However my clothes at home already don’t fit, so either way I’ll need to do some shopping post-trail.

Second, while at home I have taken care of a few tasks. I put a new batch of permethrin on my clothes since they have already been washed 4-5 times since I applied the first coat in Waynesboro and it is only supposed to last for 6 washes. I also bought my third pair of shoes. I had planned on needing 4 pairs since I’m using trail runners so I’m right on schedule. My feet have now swollen to a full size larger than they were when I started. I’m still using Vasque Mindbenders because they have worked well for me. With this pair though I am trying Superfeet insoles. I hope they solve the intermittent blister issues I’ve been having since Hot Springs. The outfitter at home also repaired the broken tip on one of my trekking poles. I tried to get a haircut for the wedding but my barber is on vacation. Oh well. Can’t say I’m terribly disappointed. It is now incredibly likely that I won’t cut any of my hair until I reach Katahdin.

And now some stats. My trip so far has lasted for 81 days. I have hiked for 73 of those days and I have zeroed for 8 of them, so I’m taking a zero just about once every 10 days on average. Overall I am averaging 14.6 miles per day but if you exclude 0 days then I am averaging 16.2 miles per day I actually hike. As for my mileage distribution, I have hiked more than 20 miles on 22 days, between 15 and 20 miles on 19 days, 10 to 15 miles on 23 days, and less than 10 miles on 9 days (not including zero days). I’m pretty happy with these stats and I actually think I will slow down a bit soon. Pennsylvania doesn’t have a lot that I want to slow down for, but once I get through New York and into New England I plan to take my time and enjoy myself a bit more.

Finally, I’ve decided that my beard needs a name. Talking to Christy we have come up with some ideas to start off with, but I want to open it up to everyone to pitch in on. In a week or so I’ll pick the top 5 or so and we’ll see if I can set up a poll for the winner. So without further ado, here are the first few ideas:
Dr. Cornelius Chinswallow
Amanda Beard
The dodecagon

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13 thoughts on “My midpoint check-in

  1. Kory

    Awesome. I was wondering how the shakedown was coming along. How has your gear list changed? I can’t remember if you update it regularly or not.

    • Not a lot has changed. I swapped my sleeping bag for an REI Halo 40 degree bag. I did send home my base layer pants and my down sweater when it got warm. I also sent home my rain pants and added a pair of swim trunks for town pants while I’m doing laundry. I think that’s it, but I’ll do a full gear rundown after I finish the trail, complete with comments about what worked well, what didn’t, and what I would do differently.

  2. Dad

    Put a good recent pic of your beard on line so we know what it looks like. Can’t give it a name without seeing it:) Hope you had a good time at the wedding with Christy.

  3. Christy

    Shopping! 😀

  4. So, (showing my ignorance here) is it normal for hikers’ feet to swell from the hiking /climbing? Will they return to their original size (well, not “original” but pre-hike size) after you stop hiking? As for the beard naming…I’m with “Dad”… need a good pic of it to properly vote on a name! Happy Hiking!

    • Lori

      Judy – Check my Facebook photos. 🙂

    • It is normal. Many hikers have their feet swell at least a half size. Most say they return to their old size once they stop hiking but some say it is a permanent change.

  5. Aunt Mary

    So glad you posted even when off the trail. I’m addicted to your posts! Let’s see the beard!

  6. Darrin

    Picture here:

    Some suggestions:

    – Mange
    – No-Chuck-Norris-Fist-Here
    – Baby-Birds-Welcome
    – All-Natural-Brillo-Pad

    Hey, if you think those are bad, you should have heard the other brainstorms (Buddy-Can-You-Spare-A-Dime?). Personally, I’m torn. I like BBW, but see merit for ANBP and the others :o)

  7. Darrin

    Oh, meant to throw in “Kimbo” as an option : o )

  8. Fire and Ice

  9. Shannon

    I like Dr. Corneliues Chinswallow. Hope you enjoy your time off the trail and I am sure you will get back into the swing of things! And yay for time to enjoy New England!

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