Gaining momentum

The trip is definitely gaining momentum! As of Wednesday I will have exactly 10 weeks left before I start. For some reason 70 days sounds shorter than 10 weeks. 1680 hours also sounds shorter than 70 days. Odd. Also odd? The word “odd”.

We’ve started dehydrating food in earnest. I’ve been so successful at brainwashing Christy into being excited about my adventure that she asked for – and was very excited to get – Backpack Gourmet for Christmas! So far we’ve made some Black Bean Salsa that I’ll use at lunchtime to spread on some pita bread or something similar. We also made some bean curry, and last night I finished a batch of chili. Great flavorful foods that will only take me a few minutes to prepare! Way better than Lipton noodles!

I figure it would be great to get about 3-5 dinners in each maildrop. In town it will be easy enough to pick up some cheese and bread for lunch, and Christy will also add some 2.5oz meat packages (tuna, salmon, chicken) which I can use to spice up lunch. She’ll also send some energy bars to eat as snacks while I’m hiking. I love those things because not only do they taste great, they’re packed full of almost 400 calories each! I’m trying to decide if I want instant coffee in the mornings – I’m leaning toward yes at least for the first few weeks when it is cold out. An easy way to kick yourself off the trail is to not keep good hygiene, so she’ll also add some hand sanitizer and dried out baby wipes. That way I can clean up before meals (hand sanitizer) and before bed (baby wipes, just add water). Other miscellaneous items? Pages of the AT data book for the upcoming section, bandaids, tape, Aqua Mira water treatment drops, and maybe a cookie or two 🙂

Another thing that is gaining momentum? Donations! Apparently I am the top fundraiser for Delta Society right now on First Giving! Big thank you’s to everyone who has donated so far! However I’ve only raised a tenth of what is needed by the end of February in order to have me shave my head, so make sure you’re passing the word along!

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3 thoughts on “Gaining momentum

  1. Just found your blog through the Good Badger- I’m always adding thru hiker blogs to my Google Reader. Thanks for using correct grammar, a rarity in many AT blogs I read…

    I met that Portrait guy you mentioned earlier on a section hike last year. I’m glad to see he finished!

  2. Thanks! My mom majored in English in college and made sure to pass on her learnings… however I wonder what will happen once I’m on the trail with only a small phone to type on instead of a nice keyboard.

    Make sure to check out Portrait’s blog entry from Tinker Cliffs in Virginia here:
    One of the absolute best trailjournal posts I’ve read.

    I see you’re planning on thru-hiking this year too! What’s your start date? Any chance we’ll cross paths? Loved the thru-hiker advice you posted a few days ago on Jan 19. I actually figured out the mid-week start date on my own, plan to start March 21 – Not a weekend and not a common date like March 15 or April 1 so there’s a chance I’ll get a spot in shelters if I want one 🙂

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