Witty banter

Christy and I just got finished watching Friends With Benefits. I enjoy movies with good witty banter. And Mila Kunis. This one had both. Mmmmmm….

The other day Christy and I had our own witty banter. I told her that it was only 94 days left until I would be hiking up the approach trail to Springer Mountain. She asked if I realized how long that was. I said yes, and that I should freeze myself for the next 94 days like Cartman did in the South Park Wii episode. That way when I wake up it will be time to go.

Cartman – “Butters, get your coat, we gotta go”
Butters – “Go where?”
Cartman – “You’re gonna help me freeze myself”
Butters – “…. ok!”

Unfortunately it won’t work. Not only do I doubt the scientific accuracy of the episode, but in the episode (and its sequel) Cartman wakes up in the year 2546. By that time my gear will be long gone and my muscles may have atrophied too much to hike.

And speaking of things that won’t happen, one more random thought to end the post: do you think there’s any chance I could come up with a Youtube video that would convince Mila to hike the AT with me? Unfortunately I don’t have the Marine thing going for me, but statistics can be pretty cool too… can’t it?!?

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