97/96 days left

It’s 10:30 and I’m about to go to bed. Today there were 97 days left until I start at Springer. Tomorrow there will be 96 days left. Not that I’m counting…

Great news – I just finished booking my plane ticket! I’m going to be flying down a few days before my start date to spend a couple days with my dad since he lives near the start of the trail. That will also give me time to go through my stuff 2, 3, 4, or more times before I start the trail just to make sure I’m not missing anything. I’ll have to buy fuel down there since they won’t allow it on the plane, and I’ll be shipping a whole bunch of stuff down there in advance – my stove (so it doesn’t set off the airport bomb detectors), food for the first few days, etc.

I also have received notice that my leave of absence from work has been approved! More to come on that in a followup post, but that is some great news.

Time to go to bed now, but I’ll leave you with this post from Portrait who thru-hiked northbound this year. I think about this post several times a day while I’m at work. Unfortunately for you all I don’t know if I can write this well while I’m on the trail, but its worth sharing with you so you can get a little more flavor of what I hope to get from the trail.

Don’t forget, there’s only 2.5 months left for you to donate to force me to chrome-dome the beginning of the AT! Since I’m getting sick of calling it a chrome dome and I lack the creativity/memory to come up with something better, feel free to contribute your own nicknames for baby-smooth bald heads in the comments and I’ll use them in future posts!

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