Training hike number 3, day 2






Pretty good day today, full of odd sights. The day started out slow enough – had breakfast, got some water from the spring. Although I was the first into the campsite yesterday, I was the last to leave today. That’s ok though because I didn’t have as many miles planned as everyone else.

I was on the Moorman River trail by 9:30. Saw some wildflowers growing (see picture) and followed the river down the mountain. First I saw some ruins – if you hike in Shenandoah long enough you’re bound to see some of these. These were especially cool though because of the tree growing on top of them! (Top left of pic) Then I saw a magical floating leaf! (Note: the leaf wasn’t truly magical but had some help from a spider) Finally I was unfortunate enough see someone’s naked bum. As I came around a corner I happened upon a skinny dipper enjoying a rope swing that had been set up at one of the pools in the river. Needless to say there is no picture! Once he noticed me he was polite enough to pull his drawers back on.

Cut the day short around 2:00 and now I’m enjoying some relaxing sun on some rocks in the middle of the river next to my campsite. Knee still feels good, although some of the muscles started to tighten up when I stopped. I took some vitamin I (ibuprofen) as thru-hikers like to call it, and I’ll do some stretches/exercises in a little while. I’m optimistic that I’m back on track for March!

Time to see about some grub and enjoy the picturesque campsite a bit more!

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