Training hike number 3, day 1

I’m using Christy’s phone to live blog from the trail! Since I don’t have a smart phone yet this will let me get an idea of how long the battery last. I’m keeping the phone off unless I’m doing a post or texting/calling Christy.

On the good news front, my knee feels pretty good. I’ve got my base weight for my pack down to about 17 pounds and with food and water my pack weight for this trip is about 31 pounds. Tonight I’m camping at calf mountain shelter in Shenandoah with several other groups. It looks like this is a busy weekend for backpacking! Although I’m at a shelter I’m actually using my tent – I seem to sleep better that way. I have 4 more days planned so let’s hope the knee holds up okay.

I’m posting a picture that I took today while on the trail. There should be many more like this after I hit the trail in March! Alright, time for some shut eye. Wish me luck for tomorrow!


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One thought on “Training hike number 3, day 1

  1. Shannon

    Yay! This post was on my bday! Hope the strengthening the muscles around the knee is helping with the problem. That is what I have had to do for my knee pain and it really helps. Keep up the good work!

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