Christy is my wife. As of 2010. We had been dating since November 2003. Needless to say she is patient.

We met in college as members of the same fraternity. Before you think too hard and blow smoke our of your ears, it was a co-ed service fraternity. We actually both joined and met each other 3-4 years prior to 2003. However in 2003 we started talking more and realized we liked each other. Many talks and nights at coffee shops later we started dating.

We continued dating while Christy left college and started working in another city 4 hours away. I stayed and worked on 2 MS degrees – a total of 3.5 years. Meanwhile Christy started on her own MS and finished only a year after I finished my two. Luckily we ended up in the same city.

Shortly before Christy moved to my area she had a conference in Orlando with her old job. I flew down to meet her halfway though the conference. She didn’t know it, but I had planned a day at Discovery Cove for her. We spent the day playing with dolphins (one of her lifelong dreams) and swimming with tropical fish. Afterward we went to dinner where I proposed to her during dessert.

For some reason we decided that during the Great Recession was a great time to get married. And it was! Despite the fact that some of our family couldn’t make the trip, a lot of it did and we had a wonderful wedding with family and friends. We’ve been working and saving ever since – saving for my AT trip, for a house, and for our future.

During my trip on the AT Christy will be taking care of Miranda and Gracie (our cat) and will be sending me re-supplies. She is quite excited – planning is one of her favorite things to do. We’ve already gotten her an AT cookbook/planner and she has tried a few of the recipes. Unfortunately we haven’t always remembered to put the food away before going to bed, and so Miranda has benefitted from one of our recipe trials – the oatmeal bread – which began the night cooling on our kitchen counter and ended the night in Miranda’s tummy.

When I finish the AT Christy has made it clear that we will be having kids. I’m not opposed to the idea. We have 2 nieces already with a nephew on the way, and have had the opportunity to babysit one of the nieces for the day. Not to brag, but I think I did ok for a non-dad.

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